Energy Regulations Representation Services PFF Fund-Raising Search Corporate Lobbying Services Creating Business Platforms Sustainable Support Services

Kaleksper Consulting, a company established as a result of realizing the needs of the entities wanting to do business and investing in Turkey,  provides true and sustainable guiding with an expert’s eye.  Our goal is to improve our clients’ efficiency and profits.

We offer extensive consultancy services during the buying & selling, merger & acquisition, and partnership process of companies, including but not limited to due diligence, valuation, determination of potential investors for the selling party, preparation of a company prospectus, determination of partnership and selling strategies, management and guidance of the negotiation stage beginning from the execution of the confidentiality agreement, review of the buy & sell contracts and documents, preparation of the required advisory opinions and management of the closing stage.

Mediating for financing within the scope of project financing, determining the project and finance requirements, contacting financial institutions, representation of the company before the financial  institutions, providing the financial institutions with the required information all through the review process and giving advisory opinion during the drafting of the loan agreement are also within our advisory services.

Energy Regulations
Vast amounts of investors have been attracted by various energy sources in Turkey, and are building their business structures and future here. We are, as experts in both determining and establishing the required corporate stucture, and processing the legal and administrative transactions, are professionaly assisting the entities in doing so.

Representation Services
Considering the legal requirements of the related sector and road maps of foreign investors, we provide them with representation services to takr their first steps in forming the business structures and continuing to be their representative upon their request.

PFF (Professional File Formation)
PFF is a technical preparation of company papers and tender forms and declaration of specifications for the submission of bids in tenders called by the Turkish governmental authorities. We do PFF diligently and follow-up the process until completed.

Fund-Raising Search
Our experience in connecting our clients with financial sources for their Turkish energy projects and guiding and assisting for the required technical preparation, is a service which we believe, differentiates KALEKSPER from others.

Corporate Lobbying Services
Having accurate and reliable information from the public bodies is essential and also important to avoid any misunderstandings for a business structure both to start doing and to run the business. We assist our clients in their professional relationships with the public bodies on a time-critical basis, which is vital for all parties.

Creating Business Platforms
As a tailor-made team, we provide opportunities for our Turkish and foreign clients to meet each other, and make the benefit of our business.

Sustainable Support Services
We continue to be the team of our clients in changing  and managing their business and organizational structures.

We help our clients in restructuring their organization considering their demands, adaptation of their companies with the changing community and technology and formation of their investments in the proper direction, being aware of the importance of knowledge and experience to;

Analyze and report balance sheets and other financial statements,

Follow-up and finalize the procedures legally required for the buying & selling, M & A, division and winding up of companies,

Follow-up and finalize the company and/or branch establishment,

Review company organization and legal structure, and advise the necessary changes considering tne business and business environment of the company,

Collect and assess information regarding the alternative investment areas,

Represent the company in an advisory capacity at legal and financial negotiations and meetings,

Establish, develop and apply the production, management and control systems considering the activities and business of the company,

Analyze automation systems,

Establish and apply the automation systems considering the activities and business of the company,

Form and analyze investment plans, search for the feasable investments areas both in local and international basis, prepare and follow-up with investment feasability  reports,

Represent the local and foreign companies and follow-up with their transactions before the administrative authorities.